Weekly healing circle

Since the beginning of the Corona Lock-down in many countries in March 2020, the Shamanic Healing Circle has been offering a thrice-weekly healing for any and all who wish to sign up. The Healings take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 17h GMT, and these are free!

So far, between 3 and 17 people have joined in our healings, along with many horses too. It has been a beautiful process and one which has brought both comfort and healing to us all.

I am currently going to take break – a short retreat for a lunation and a half, that is, the time between the New Moon in Cancer and the Full Moon in Aquarius, which takes place at the beginning of August 2020. I will then resume our practice and welcome you all to join me for our three-times-each week sessions.

I call this Corona-Reiki, in honour of the moment that we began this healing journey and I intend to retain this name. However, it is worth remembering that the Sun has a Corona, and this can be observed during eclipses.


In a sense, the Corona is what we see symbolically outside the heart of who we are… So Corona-Reiki is a way of coming together around the “solar-fire“.

I have been so grateful to everyone who has joined in our process. Some of you were so kind and sent donations via Paypal and I am truly grateful for these. The healings will happily remain offered! I am truly grateful to each person and horse who wishes to show up and join the Circle.

At the same time, and in recognition of our energy-exchange, I include below a button that will enable a small PayPal donation. This is entirely voluntary, and simply here to honor the energy-exchange.  For those of you who feel called, please make a donation from time to time, to support the Shamanic Healing Circle and the work that we do. Should you choose to donate, I will be very grateful.

I look forward to seeing you all again very soon, and wish you from the depths of my heart a wonderful Lunar Cycle, and look forward to meeting around the Solar Fire in August!

And blesséd bloom!
May all be well,
beneath our Mother Moon! 




With all my gratitude!