Mars-Pluto-Activation Workshops

The New Energy is where we invite it! The idea for this “came through” with the Full Moon in Aries and as soon as I looked deeper into the Mars/Pluto cycle it felt clear that we could all benefit from some work and guidance around these energies.

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, so Pluto has, in a sense, “seen it all before“. It is doubtless for this reason that Pluto finds himself at the heart of the paradigm of “evolutionary” astrology.

In the natal chart, Pluto shines light upon places where we have lost our power. This can relate to any area of our lives, family, relationships, work, wealth, and of course the politics dominant in the era we inhabit. Any of us who have lost their job, their income, or their home will know what this loss of power feels like. And often, we will do anything to move out of that situation. Change job, end or change relationship, move country…

It is here, in the active phase, that Mars kicks in. Mars is indeed the God of War, and Mars could indeed start a “barroom brawl”. But Mars is also our vitality, our get up and go, our journey back onto our feet. Mars and Pluto are thus brought into a dance which in rhythm follows the orbit of Mars, 686.98 days or 1.9 years. Pluto takes 248 years to complete his rotation of the zodiac, so he is, with respect to the sprightly orbit of Mars, something of a “fixed point”.

Mars-Pluto-Activation Workshops
To work in a constructive fashion with these energies I propose a series of workshops (duration 90 minutes each) in which we can explore together the nature of the Mars-Pluto cycle. We will be working with these energies in a co-creative way, and each participant will be invited to share their chart so they can see where transiting Pluto and Mars lie in their own birth chart. This will enable everyone to gain a feeling for the kind of energies that are prevailing. We will then work together with Reiki to accompany the cycle of Mars, as Mars forms the third quarter square, conjunction, first quarter square, and then finally opposes Pluto over the space of the next eighteen months. There will be a channeled component to the workshop, and there may be a Language of Light activation too.

To join there will be a fee of £35 for individual workshops or a reduced price of £120 for all four. These will take place in November 2021, March 2022, July 2022 and then in May 2023 when Mars in the first degree of Leo finally opposes Pluto in Aquarius.

Please click on the appropriate link below to join. Once I have received your PayPal, you will be considered subscribed and will be notified about the exact date of each workshop.

Our first session will be in November 2021, and this will take place a couple of weeks after the Third Quarter square which occurs Friday 22nd October. The message to put this workshop together literally only just came through with the Full Moon in Aries, so it will take a couple of weeks for me to prepare the material. We will then be in phase for the workshops in March and July 2022, and May 2023. Depending on how many wish to do this work together, I may create a FB group so that we can exchange as this is going to be a rich transformative process and one I hope that many of you will want to join.