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We propose a great value-for-money subscription-based membership which, in addition to our free email  Guides to the Season, offers three powerful features to empower your journey.


First, you will receive a Distance Reiki every six weeks. As a qualified Reiki Master Teacherworking with Reiki for nine years, my practice has specialized in the art of working with Reiki at distance. On each Festival, I send Reiki Healing to each member of the Shamanic Healing Circle’s Inner Circle, to support them in the season. If you have specific areas of your life where you wish to support, I am able to bring this into your Reiki healing.


As an Inner Circle Member you will receive a New Moon and Full Moon Calendar. These are updated every year and sent out automatically to Inner Circle Members preceding the new year.


Third, we offer a range of e-Guides to Inner Circle members. These give a more in-depth approach to aspects of the Season and are offered free of charge to all Inner Circle members.

An Inner Circle Membership costs just £12.50 a month. Membership fees are debited from your account on a monthly basis via PayPal. Please use the links below to subscribe. You can unsubscribe and anytime by terminating your Paypal Subscription so you have 100% flexibility.




Fire Ceremony is carried out on ritual occasions, New Moons, Full Moons, and during healing work. Using Californian White Sage a ceremony can be carried out at your request. I usually draw cards from an oracle deck at this time asking clarity on any specific question you might have. I have been using Fire Ceremony for many years and love this ritual which takes us into a very powerful and immediate relation with Spirit.




Since the Healing Circle began in 2015, one of our aims has been to provide sources of guidance for soul-work concerning the land, the sacred-seasons, and the skies. The seasons are of course experienced on Earth. However, as above, so below! We are in need of guidance in working with both Lunar and Planetary Cycles. In order to deepen our work, we offer simple guides to cycles in order to enrichen your practice. We are developing these resources month by month, focusing each time on a Shamanic, an Energy Healing or an Astrological subject. Four guides are featured below and can be purchased directly from this website, our next Guide, Working with Uranus in Taurus will appear in May 2019.

• Working with Uranus in Taurus — to be published May 2019
• Sky Earth Season — to be published in March 2019
• Rewriting our story — Chiron enters Aries April 2018
• A more fulfilled life through connection with the seasons
• Working with the Moon as a spiritual practice
• Working with Saturn


A note about orders: I aim to send guides out by immediate despatch via e-mail following receipt of your order. If you haven’t received your Guide within 24h, please do drop me a line on FB or via email. Most likely I didn’t see your PayPal. Your guide will then be immediately dispatched! Thanks in advance.   


Working with Uranus in Taurus — 15th May 2019


The last time Uranus entered Taurus was June 06 1934. This new entry, 84 years later, is going to radically change the energies that we are working with. Moving from Cardinal Fire to Fixed Earth, the Taurean energy is going to have a grounding effect. Rather than beaking free of past constraints (Uranus in Aries) we are invited to choose how we are going to express our genius which means harnessing the energy of the season in a creative way. This choosing of path will be supported by the Capricornian (earth) energies as Saturn and Pluto transit the sign. This transit will certainly be more productive for those who have already stepped into the Uranian energy in Aries. This guide offers some keypoints.

Guide will be available here from 15th May 2018.



Rewriting our story — Chiron enters Aries 17th April 2018

CAPICORN_MOON_EB1This brand new e-Guide is destined to explore the arrival of the Asteroid Chiron in the Sign of Aries, which took place on the 17th April 2018. This is an event of importance as Chiron begins a new healing cycle of 51 years. This is the first of the major transits of the year, with Uranus moving into Taurus in May,
a period over the summer with several planets simultaneously retrograde and finally the ingress of Jupiter into Sagittarius in November. Chiron will remain in Aries until June 2026, offering a chance for each of us to renew our personal healing work. The e-Guide Rewiting our story is presented by the Healing Circle and is offered free to all subscribing members of our Inner Circle.





A more fulfilled life through connection with the seasons

PrintThis beautifully illustrated guide to working with the Lunar and Celtic calendars gives a clear idea of the aims and ambitions of the Shamanic Healing Circle.

Fully describing the Lunar Cycle and the Celtic Cycle, it goes on to explore how we can lead more fulfilled lives by integrating the energies of the season.

This guide is offered when you sign up for the Healing Circle mailing list. Alternatively, it can be purchased from this page, as can all our guides.








Working with the Moon as a spiritual practice
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Moon-HC-EBOOK1

This illustrated guide, first published in 2017, gives ideas and advice about working with the Moon over the cycle of the year. It gives ideas for rituals and intentional work, and background for deepening one’s relation with the Moon. This book forms a base for our monthly moon work. This guide is updated each year and the new edition contains New and Full Moon calendars for 2019.

CONTENTS: Working with the Moon, The Two Hemicycles, Intention and the Lunar Phases, A Summary of Lunar Phases and their meanings. Fire Ceremony and ritual for the New Moon, A New Moon Calendar for 2018, Fire Ceremony and ritual for the Full Moon. A Full Moon Calendar for 2018. Seasonal Names of the Moon. Living with the Moon





Working with Saturn
A Healing Circle Guide to working with
the Planetary Energy of Saturn
in Capricorn


This illustrated guide offers a practical approach to working with the Energy of Saturn as he transits the Sign of Capricorn between December 2017 and December 2020. Following a two and a half year transit of Sagittarius, the energy has radically changed as Saturn has finally come home into Capricorn which it rules. We now have three years to build with this energy and this guide — which is also a workbook — gives some practical ideas and direction as to how to creatively work with the season and begin to internalise one’s Saturn. Saturn often has a difficult reputation amongst the planets. This guide shows in a concise manner how to work co-creatively with the season and create wonders!







What people are saying about our guides:

“I have been working with the Moon for over 25 years, first with the Full Moon, then with New Moon rituals which again have evolved into meditating and writing out my wish-list and setting my intentions. So I was delighted to read Peter Jeffs’ magical book on “Working with the Moon – A transformational practice” it opens up all sorts of new possibilities and rituals– working with the Waxing Quarter moon. Understanding and giving gratitude, releasing and letting go during the waning moon phases. It’s small but it’s concise and deeply meaningful. Thank you, for sharing this illuminating booklet and may the moon continue to shine in all her beautiful phases on all of us. Blessings”
AG. Author. Sidney, Australia


All e-books are delivered by e-mail once I have received your payment via PayPal.

When you become a subscribing member of the Shamanic Healing Circle, e-books will be delivered to you on publication. Subscriptions are £12.50/month.