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One year on from the release of our first children’s book, The Salmon’s Tale (see below), my latest story has now been completed. Entitled Voyage of Dreams, it is set between the forest where Grandfather lives and the Antarctic continent. Grandfather and his grandchild travel in their dreams in an adventure of the Spirit, in which they learn from the creatures of one of the great frozen lands.








 Through dreams and dreamwork, Grandfather helps his grandchild navigate the waters of the deep southern continent, and learn the messages that the animals and birds have gathered together.

The illustrations have been drawn by myself especially for this story, which will also introduce to children not only to some of the beautiful creatures such as the Orca, the Adelie Penguin and the Weddell Seal that inhabit this region but also to learn what we can do to help them thrive.

This is the Healing Horse books’ second healing story and is now available from this webpage, in time for this year’s Mid-Winter celebrations. The book is delivered via email as a pdf e-book, in either double page or single page format, suitable for either laptops or tablets and will be priced at £8.50 via PayPal. You will receive your copy as soon as I receive notification from PayPal.


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What readers are saying about “Voy
age of Dreams

I have just read the “Voyage of Dreams”. Brilliant… the concept, story and paintings, congratulations on how beautifully you have brought it all together.

Sue, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

A very beautiful story and wonderful illustrations.
Well done! Beautiful, brilliant work.

Nicola, Somerset, United Kingdom

Such beautiful books. Thank you!
Michelle, Florida, USA


As they stood in the clearing before the small house, 
a child looked up and said what’s that, grandfather?



The old man looked up, and said, “why, that’s the full Moon in Taurus!”
— “The Full Moon in Taurus?” repeated the child.
— “Yes, Taurus the Bull,” replied the Grandfather.
— “I don’t see any Bull,” replied the child.
— “Well, I can see one,” he said…

The old man stretched out his hand, drawing in the sky a magnificent Bull, which leapt out of the deep blue night towards them…


So begins The Salmon’s Tale, my first illustrated book.

The Healing Circle is now opening to publishing my own e-books for children. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we need — and our kids need — new stories, new narratives about the world we live in. Where the animals are seen as guardians of wisdom, where they are respected and honoured. Where they teach us and take us deeper into the mysteries of the world. Where we have a role as guardians of the earth, not its desecrators. Telling stories about the Animal Nations as the First People’s called them, the Nation of Salmon, the Nation of Horses, the Owl Nation, is to bring back their honour around the fire and celebrate them.

The stories that will be appearing over the next years are a part of my own work in mindfulness. There is no one message. Each book will contain its own special sayings. But in a few words, I might say — tread lightly and with a sincere heart, honour the earth and her creatures. The Earth and her animal nations need those of us who hear more than ever.

In times which are troubled, we need to hold our vision of healing and Healing Circle books will always share a vision of earth-healing with our younger generations. There still remains much to be thankful for. We need to hold on to the dedication and purpose of many the world over who dedicate their lives and their energy in healing acts for the forests, the oceans, the coral reefs, and all manner of wild animals.




These books are written and illustrated by myself. No stranger to writing, I have been an avid letter writer over the past 20 years, I have also been making art and illustration for the past thirty. I am absolutely delighted to be releasing my first book for children.


This e-book is available as a pdf in double page or single page format. The double page is ideal for laptop reading so you have text facing the illustrations. And for tablet reading, the single page version is ideal. Many children prefer reading stories on their tablet, so this version is designed specifically for them!



The Salmon’s Tale” e-book is available via the PayPal link below. On receipt of your PayPal, I will email you your copy of the book. In purchasing, you not only receive your copy of my first story for children, you also support the writing and illustrating of many new stories to come!


I look forward to releasing “An invisible journey” in 2018, set in the vast deserts of the Antarctic plateau.

If your copy is intended for gifting, please let me know either in your
PayPal window (notes for seller) or drop me a line by email.
I’ll send it to the person of your choice.


Thank you for your visit!


What readers are saying about “The Salmon’s Tale”

I love your illustrations. They are really magical and beautiful

Milenne, London, United Kingdom

A very moving and beautifully written tale. Beautiful. The illustrations
are stunning 
and the text flows superbly. I love the style of it

Debbie, Coventry, United Kingdom

I feel like it’s such a magical world in there… I didn’t want to leave!!!
Stephanie, Vermont, USA

A beautiful children’s book
Køge, Denmark

The illustrations are stunning!
Olivia, London, UK

What an amazing accomplishment! So incredibly beautiful. If you are looking
a Christmas gift idea for a younger child or grandchild,

consider this for an idea this year! So impressed!
Dawn, Texas, USA

The colours of your drawings are just magical. I found myself just staring at them.
I love the warm and inviting feel of them and the characters. You have a beautiful
literary voice for children’s books. I love how you weave together a bit of astrology,
a bit of animal magic, a bit of native wisdom… just lovely!
Noelle, Colorado, USA

This is a beautiful little story for children and also grown-ups –
about caring for love, spirit and nature 
Bernadette, Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a delightful e-book for children that beautifully shares
the wisdom of the stars and nature
Angie, Arizona, USA

Wow! Flicking through the pages to look at the graphics
So beautiful!

Sol, Bergen, Norway

If you have a mystical young ‘un in your life,
you’ll want to get this sweet ebook for them.
It is gorgeously illustrated with a wonderful story!
Theresa, Chicago, USA

The Salmon’s Tale — a beautifully illustrated children’s ebook
Serena, California, USA


Peter Jeffs,
January 17th, 2018
Somerset, UK.