Corona Reiki circle

During the Corona Lock-down in many countries in March 2020, the Shamanic Healing Circle was offering a thrice-weekly distance healing for any and all who wish to sign up. Corona-Reiki healings take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 17h GMT, and these are offered!

So far, people have joined in from all over the world, Europe, Australia, USA, in our healings on a regular basis, along with many horses too. It has been a beautiful process and one which has brought both comfort and healing to us all. To join, simply drop me a line with your zip or postal code, and an address line. There is a small group on FB messenger and I send out alerts before the sessions.

There are only 10 places available and these are offered on a first come first served basis! Please note that as from 3 August, all places are now taken on this season’s healings. If you would like to join in, for the next season beginning 31st October, at Samhain, please drop me a line.

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I call this Corona-Reiki, in honour of the moment that we began this healing journey and I intend to retain this name. However, it is worth remembering that the Sun too has a Corona, and this can be observed during eclipses.



In a sense, the Corona is what we see symbolically outside our heart of fire… and Corona-Reiki is a way of coming together around the “solar-fire“.

I have been so grateful to everyone who has joined in our process. Some of you were so kind and also sent donations via Paypal. I am truly grateful for these. Whilst the healings will happily remain offered, I wanted to open up the possibility for everyone to contribute according to their means.


In recognition of our energy-exchange, I include above several buttons that will enable small PayPal donations. These are entirely voluntary. However, if you can make a donation from time to time to support the Shamanic Healing Circle and the work that we do, I will be very grateful for your support!

I look forward to seeing you all again very soon, and wish you from the depths of my heart a wonderful new Cycle as we enter Lughnasadh, and look forward to meeting around the Solar Fire through the months of August and September 2020!

Namasté, be
blesséd, bloom!
We follow you, dear Mother Moon! 

With gratitude!