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In Evolutionary astrology, we work with the Lunar Nodes which offer insight into our past life Karma and the potential journey of the Soul in this incarnation. Another way of working with past lives is through the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records

Each person has their Akashic Records or Book of Life. The “book” contains details of each past and future life and offers an account of our many experiences in our previous incarnations.

Whilst some practitioners offer to read the Records for others, I offer a slightly different approach. First, I believe that everyone can access their own Records. As such I offer to help you visit your own records through a guided journey. This gives you some basic material to work with. The journey enables you to gain access to a single life and to discover important details about it. In our first session, we facilitate that journey, so that you have the experience of delving into your own Records. Following the journey, you will be invited to write down what you have learned. From my own experience, this can be a very moving experience. Should you prefer that I actually read your Records for you, this can also be done, though my preference is to help you in the consultation of your own Records.

Discovering the basic frame or outline

Once we have the basic frame or outline, I believe that it is helpful to return to the same life, and visit for a second time. This time around one can ask more precise questions. Who were you with? Are they with you in this incarnation? Who were your parents? Where did all this take place? With this additional information, we can not only gain more detail, we also gain further insight into the dramas and tragedies of the life in question. As such, the choices and decisions that were made during that life will become clearer.

Following this second session, we then complete a third session. Now armed with some detail, you can go back into that life, and relive it, making different decisions. Why is this important? It is important, precisely because we often repeat these acts, or mistakes, in subsequent incarnations. They may be actes manquants – sometimes called errors of omission. For example, you saw someone falling off a bridge, but did not try to rescue them. Such an acte manquant can exist as part of our (subconscious) frequency, and until we “correct” it, we may continue experiencing the same type of event, again and again. What we are doing here, is in essence, creating a new timeline. This new timeline replaces the traumatic timeline in the past life, offering a different outcome, a more favorable one. This process can bring deep healing to unresolved karma, and to events that continue to repeat. In the case above, with the person who fell off the bridge, we might have dived in after them and pulled them out.

By understanding why we did what we did, according to the records, we gain insight into the events that can also shape our current destiny.

By taking action in the previous timeline, we offer the potential for new and different outcomes, which can then improve and enhance our present lives. The practitioner cannot nor should intervene in someone else’s Records. However, in this approach, you are empowered to return to your own Records and relive them as you wish. By determining new and powerful decisions you can thus create new timelines within your Records. Only you can do this. My work aims to help you in this process.

A threefold process

In conclusion, my aim in this work is threefold. First, to help you learn how to go back into your own Akashic Records. Second, to help you gain more detail and insight into a given incarnation. Third, following your own introspection, you are able to take action by reliving the past incarnation whilst following other courses of action. These other courses of action effectively evoke parallel timelines containing other outcomes.

By working with these, we can begin to step out of cycles of karma that have been posing problems through repetition, either in successive lifetimes or through serial repetitions in this lifetime.

My own approach also brings in some aspects of kinesiology and energy testing. These can be very helpful in our exploration of the past-life journey. If I have now been working with past-life material for over 6 years, I have allowed time, and experience to accrue. A number of coincidences, links, and synchronicities that have recently appeared on my own healing journey suggest that it is now time to offer this work to help others.

Our work is carried out via Zoom, over three one-hour sessions – either over a week or over a longer period if more convenient. To book, please click on the PayPal link below. We can then arrange times for your individual sessions. A payment plan for 3 x £50, invoiced every ten days, is also available, for convenience.

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Training and qualifications: karmic, past life and soul work
I have been fascinated by karmic, past life and soul work through my personal research, reading, and channeled accounts for many years. Over the past year, I have completed s series of CPD (Continued Professional Development) Training Courses to complement my training in Reiki and Kinesiology.

I now hold Diplomas from the Centre for Excellence, in working with the Akashic Records (2022); Channelling (2023)Ancestral Healing (2023), Soul-Retrieval (2023), and in Light Language, Activation & Training, from Aaron Pyne at Udemy (2021). I have taken many seminars and online training courses over the past years by the internationally renowned channels Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold, and studied from the writings of renowned Shaman Sandra Ingerman. It was thanks to her book on Shamanic Journeying that my own Shamanic Journey began many years ago. My own inner work has inspired me to create accessible and cost-effective programs to help others.