The torchbearer

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A torchbearer amidst a group, in the night, on a 21st-anniversary vigil. I feel the emotion, the memories re-lived, depicted in this photograph. There is a feeling of presence, and a feeling of the past somehow having run amok, out of control.

The chart for the 12th April brings to mind a similar situation, in which Pluto and Saturn sit together upon the South Node, whilst they are squared, I might even say blind-sided, by the Sun at the 22° degree of Aries, and confronted by the Moon on the North Node. Let’s look at the chart:

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In evolutionary astrology, the Sun squaring the Lunar Nodes can be equated with a loss of identity as one is pulled into the orbit of another individual or thing. In Aries, this might equate to the need to assert one’s self, even to dominate. Aries is our I, me, my, and whilst some of this is necessary to any healthy sense of self, obsession with this becomes literally blinding.

If we look for a moment at what is happening in the UK, it is not hard to see an ancestral wound, the lost ‘greatness of Empire’, rearing up in a desperate need to take back control, to dominate borders, reclaim lost seas. This Sun, squaring the Nodes on the second date upon which Britain should have left the EU, shows exactly the institutional chaos to which such blindness leads.

This Pluto transit of Capricorn is rare indeed, Pluto orbiting the Sun once every 248 years. Many human beings will never have experienced such a transit in their lives. So why us, why now? The answer is that with the awakenings of the 60’s — a generation was born with Pluto in Virgo — we come to a place of both humbling, and of self-improvement. If Pluto in Leo roared, this generation represents the realization that we now have to clean up the mess we made, and actually become better folks. 

One of the hardest tasks facing us today is in leaving our planetary home in better shape than we found it, a better place for our children and grandchildren. Ironically for all our introspection and our education, it is the kids who are now standing up collecting ovations for pointing out what we are not doing. Many of these were born with Pluto in Sagittarius. We shall come to them in another post.

Saturn represents the structure, the law, the government, the institutions. How many issues and corruptions have come to light over the past years? Pluto does not look tenderly on such abuses, and it is here that we will discover exactly what his capacity to transmute really is. And yes, the lights might actually go out, and suddenly too, for Uranus is waiting in the wings. This is not to write doom and gloom. There is no doom and gloom in awakening. There should be however real humility in realizing that in a changing world, we too have to change. Yes, we might have been wrong.

So to return to our torch-bearers, in their night of remembrance, we might remember that in a world whose institutions have become increasingly dysfunctional, we are on a soul journey too. The souls that choose to incarnate at this time have known hardship, and are returning to earth to heal, to discover a sense of home and the beauties and the joys that an Earthly incarnation can bring.

It is our duty to co-create this vision, to literally bring it down to Earth, so that they may heal. And as we make this world a more clement place, so shall we be healed too. The hardships and traumas inflicted by institutions upon individuals the world over are many, and often indescribable. Anyone who has lost their home, whether it be it through typhoon or delayed pay-cheque, knows full well the nature of our fragility.

Saturn and Pluto on the South Node are messengers asking us to reflect upon this fragility. They ask us to step up. To help these new souls on their own journey of becoming — that this earth will offer them not another dose of hell, but truly a place of peace. Their homecoming.

They deserve this. Let us help them!




Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 10.44.11

Thanks to Laihiuyeung Ryanne, for use of this photo: 21st anniversary candlelight vigil, shared via Creative Commons / Wiki-Media


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