A further vision

So let’s share this evening’s chart:


This evening we have a powerful conjunction on the South Node (Pluto/Saturn), whilst on the Nodal Axis, we have sextile South Node, Trine North Node to Neptune, Black Moon Lilith, Vesta, Mercury, and the Sun. What could this mean? In essence, a Piscean energy is sextiling the South Node in Capricorn and trining the North Node in Cancer.

As with all charts, we can read this in two ways because of the polarity of each sign, house position, and aspect.

Pisces takes us into the abandonment of ego before the infinite. This can be either the cosmic expansion and our oneness with all, OR equally, the depths of personal illusion, deception and addiction. In my own view, the chart shows us the polarities or choices.

The question with this chart is in which direction will it take you? 

Will Pisces allow us to travel beyond our past structures and limitations (Saturn conjunct Pluto on the South Node), or will it simply mask the old traits by dissimilation, enabling us to feed the illusion that all was well, is well, and therefore will continue to be well?

The sextile to the South Node is the easier aspect — the “oh sure, all is fine, all is good”. The trine to the North Node is the more challenging — but will be more rewarding if we look at the expansive and the enlarging vision of what we seek rather than at what we are familiar with.

This is a great time to connect with the greater part of our vision and then root it (Saturn in Capricorn) in ACTS, in CONCRETE ENDEAVOURS, in BUILDING OUR FUTURE.

Today the School climate change movement, started by Greta Thunberg, believe that during 24 hours of climate action, more than 1 million students will have skipped school this Friday to protest governmental inaction on climate change. To me, this is the Neptunian Vision of Pisces touching our North Node destiny. It is a concrete action.

Whilst all destinies are possible, we also have choices.

The chart simply shows us what is possible, the moment that we engage with our true destiny.


If you are curious about how these planetary configurations affect your chart specifically, contact me here to see how I can help you.

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