New Moon thoughts as Uranus enters Taurus


New Moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune

And so here we are, after a long wait, the New Moon will take place at 15° of Pisces. She conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, whilst Uranus completes his ingress and enters Taurus for the next 7 years. Powerful aspects and transitions. Uranus also weakly squares the Nodal Axis. As if this was not enough, we also have Pluto on the South Node at 25° of Capricorn, opposing the North Node at 25° of Cancer. Finally, Mercury is conjunct Chiron on the Aries cusp, sextile to the South Node and trine to the North Node.


Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 19.05.49


Let us look at four stories in this chart:

Let us begin with the Moon. She is conjunct the Sun and conjunct Neptune at 16° of Pisces. This aspect offers us a very Cosmic New Moon with the potential to connect us to great vision. Following her transit of Capricorn, then Aquarius, finally she reaches the mutable waters of Pisces. Here the Moon’s connection with both creativity and sensitivity can flower, like a mysterious song flowing out over the waters. Ruled by Neptune, she can, of course, operate on the axis of illusion. But when we take care to ground ourselves in some kind of physical activity (of whatever sort), we can ground this mysterious psychic sensitivity and it will flow. My suggestion is to use our Moon Ceremony to connect with the most Cosmic dimension possible for each of us at this time. In terms of manifestation work, I would ask for clarity on the changes to come rather than specific outcomes. Make good the clarity and allow the universe to unfold what she has in store for us. Divine guidance in divine timing.

Second, we have Uranus entering Taurus. Whilst this may have the allure of a shake, rattle and roll moment, what actually unfolds in my view depends upon what we have been building.

If you have been building golf courses in the desert, you might expect to get either washed out in a freak storm or, perhaps more likely, a crushing drought. If your shipping company has no vessels in port, you may have to take the train. The only thing about Uranus that is predictable is his profound lack of predictability. But there are very definitely gifts to be received here.

It isn’t about up-ending financial stability or earthquakes, though these can happen, more about freeing us of our routines and our closed visions. Uranus is profoundly revolutionary and the question we might ask of the New Moon in our Moon ceremonies is where in my life right now can I put on my genius hat and see further than I could before? This is the Uranian question.

What are the opportunities for this transit? Obviously, with Taurus ruled by Venus and in the second house of personal resources, we might expect changes in finances, in business, in our living situations, as well as changes in our values and desires. This over-simplifies greatly, of course. Here, I simply want to focus on a few key aspects to guide us in our Moon Ceremonies. We have seven years to explore the Uranus in Taurus transit, and one thing we can be sure of, is that this is likely to be profound.

Third, lets look at Chiron and Mercury. This conjunction speaks of healing stories and certainly recalls the conjunction when Chiron entered Aries for the first time in 2018. In this aspect, the Mercurial side of working on our healing path through talking, writing, sharing, analyzing, (astrology!!!) will help us on our Nodal Axis journey (see below). I wrote at length about the astrology of Chiron’s two entries into Aries in a previous post, and I refer you to this to enter into more detail on this subject. My feeling is that the Nodal relationship here anchors Chiron into healing at a Karmic level. These aspects seem to me to hold a very positive dimension indeed for our healing paths.

Fourth, we have the Nodal axis empowered, freed up, opened to change, by the presence of Pluto on the South Node.  This is a slow transit, not yet in full alignment, but we all should be feeling the effects. Look where there are structures in your life (Capricorn) and ask not whether they are holding up, but what kind of gift might result through their dissolution? The Nodes on the Capricorn/Cancer axis are again taking us from past life resonance in which we have been a part of (or perhaps hidden behind) institutions or structures. These could be linked with employment, marriage, homes or other legally binding situations.

Our journey is now heading to a different place, one where our security comes not from those (old) structures but from our own emotional well-being. So to ask for clarity on the 6th March 2019, given that Uranus is squaring the Nodes and Pluto continues his dance on the South Node, is to say these are times for change, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s bring it on!


May you feel in alignment with these changes,
May they serve you, may they enable you
to serve others!


PS — Friends, one thing I haven’t commented on here is the fact that the day before the New Moon Mercury goes retrograde for about three weeks, having stationed in the 29th degree of Pisces. This is of considerable significance and will be treated in a separate post to follow. Namaste! 




Image, hand-drawn over photography,
thanks to Gerald Browne.

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