Chiron sextile Mars

Charts are complex and yet, great rewards are to be had by focussing on a single aspect. I have just released a video on the Chiron Mars Sextile. Here is the chart:

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 20.06.45

Chiron at 2° of Aries, and Mars in the 1° of Gemini. Here is a link to my video.
May this serve you and may you be well!

Trauma and healing in Brexit

Many of us have reached saturation with the psycho-drama that has unfolded in UK politics these past two years. You are more than entitled to ask, why yet more writing? My reason for writing this today, prior to the 29th March 2019, is to look at the situation in Britain from a different angle, that of the astrologer concerned with healing.

One thing that specifically encouraged me to write this, is to have come across in the past weeks a number of videos shared on social media which contain such violence, such hatred, such intolerance, I began to ask myself where lies the Democracy in any of this?

If Britain has at times prided itself for its “reasonableness”, today, there is little sign. Neither within the House of Commons nor without. For there are two traumas involved in this process, and I use the word trauma advisedly.

On the one hand, there are those who have felt betrayed by the fall in their living conditions since the politics of austerity were imposed upon the British people after 2010. Let us call this the “failing state of the nation”. It is worth recalling that already in 2016, over 20% of the UK population was living below the poverty line. The UK is the sixth richest country in the world.

On the other, are those who, after the Referendum of 23rd June 2016, felt the impending loss of something profound touching their European Citizenship and identity, something which had become a fully integrated part of their lives over the past 40 years.

Whilst this article deliberately takes no sides on the outcome of the democratic vote, it does point to two very real traumas. The first, outlined above, enabled many to see the EU as a cause for Britain’s current social problems. Promises were made. Resolution would be brought about by leaving the EU, the people were told. As we have seen promises were however broken. Those broken promises, currently debated almost daily, have now lead to a third trauma, that of betrayal of the “will of the people“.

The Brexit issue has thus piled trauma upon trauma and one place to see this, is in the astrological charts of the Acts of Union 1800, and that of “Brexit-Day”, 29th March 2019.

The Acts of Union 1800 (sometimes and erroneously referred to as a single Act of Union 1801) were parallel acts of the Parliament of Great Britain and the Parliament of Ireland, to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, coming into force on the 1st January 1801. Here, below, is the chart.


In this article, I wish to consider this composite chart from several points of view: the Uranus positions of each; the South Node, which represents the past life karma of Great Britain; the North Node, future soul destiny of the Union. Finally, I wish to consider the implications of a Grand Water Trine, taking place between the Acts of Union Moon (19° Cancer), the Acts of Union Neptune (18° Scorpio) and the transiting Neptune on “Brexit Day”, at 17° Pisces.


Uranus represents a trauma signature in the birth chart (Mark Jones, 2012, 2015), and if we begin with the Acts of Union chart (inner wheel), Uranus is placed at 1° of Libra close to the Ascendant.

This placement is indicative of a generation which seeks to find new ways of achieving “right relations”. The shadow of this placement is that this Union exists to heal relations that were previously far from right. Interestingly Uranus on the Ascendant is indicative of great originality, independence bordering on quirkiness. The British national character is well defined by this, and of course, this has often come to the fore in the feeling of British originality which cannot be stifled under any circumstance. A sense of being stifled (by European laws, by agriculture policies, fishing quotas) is something that this side of the British character has found difficult to swallow by many.

We can already see in the astrology of the Uranus placement the difficulties felt by some Britons about any restraint being imposed on their “sovereignty”. In Libra, this trauma can be linked to relationships with other nations, and this typically is represented by configurations of dependency on the one hand, and the need to dominate on the other. Those who have studied British relations with the EU over the past decades will recognize certain features of both. Discussion of Empire is also relevant here.

In the Acts of Union chart, the South Node is in Libra with its North Node in Aries. In the past, this karmic position can indicate a pleasant and civilized mood. This invokes both legal systems and the arts… All these we can see in the British character. What however lies hidden in this, are realities which have hidden behind a veneer of appropriateness. The resulting masks of justice, reason, and dignity, have robbed the bearers of this placement of compassion!

The North Node of this chart is in Aries, and it is here that the evolutionary identity can be seen in fire and passion — and the very reasonableness which the British are often known before, can turn to acts of war. Unless we fully understand the inner drives inherent in the chart, we can with difficulty understand the present climate.


If we now turn to the composite chart, we see several things. The first that I note is a Great Water Trine between the Acts of Union Moon (19° Cancer), the Acts of Union Neptune (18° Scorpio) and the transiting Neptune on Brexit Day, at 17° Pisces. Whilst certainly appropriate for Isles surrounded by water, there is an underlying risk of illusion inherent in this aspect.

I thank Phillip Lindsay for a point he recently remarked upon in his fascinating esoteric astrology blog. In one sense, healing has to take place between the Cancer Moon and the Neptune placement in Scorpio. The Moon in Cancer is strong in the Acts of Union chart and whilst this speaks of emotions it also speaks of the past. The trine with Neptune takes us deep into the fixed waters of Scorpio and it is here that monsters swim deep, to trap the unwary. Add to this a trine with transiting Neptune on Brexit day and we can feel the signature of the illusions and false hopes that have been bandied  about by all political factions since well before the famous referendum on membership of the European Union in 2016. Neptune can open us, beyond boundaries into greater fellowship, or can lead us to drown in the deepest waters of illusion. As ever, the choice is ours.

Looking at the Chart of Brexit day we find Pluto conjunct Saturn on the South Node. The chaos in the UK House of Commons over the past weeks speaks in the words of many commentators as an abject failure of governance. The House can decide upon nothing whatsoever.

The succession of Meaningful Votes, of amendments, speak quite the opposite of “take back control” and leave the spectator with the feeling that all control has been quite lost. Neptune’s waters run deep.

Whilst I have my own feelings concerning Britain in Europe, I wish to repeat that my comments here are in no way partisan. It was made quite clear from the outset by the Leave Campaign that under no circumstances should Article 50 be triggered until a leaving strategy had been agreed upon. This was more recently published in a letter to Tory MPs posted by Dominic Cummings here, which is extremely edifying. The decision to trigger Article 50 without any plan in place was itself an act of grave political blindness and potential self-harm. We have seen the result.

Returning to the South Node in Capricorn, this signature reflects past lives of difficulty in which morality, ethics, and pragmatism have ruled the day. This placement reflects upon prior lifetimes of hardship and struggle, whether they manifested as grueling poverty or the relentless demands of responsibility. This is opposed by the North Node in Cancer, in which the person has clearly come into the world for healing. As Steven Forrest points out, this person may end up reaching out into the community. In this placement, there is a soul contract to comfort the weaker and reach out to the more sensitive parts of the psyche. Clearly, this finds echoes in the Cancer Moon of the Acts of Union chart.

The desire to cut one’s self off from the community, to “brave it alone”, is, in the end, to fall back into the shadow of the South Nodal placement, and to return to the hardships which many of the so-called Brexiteers have labeled as “project fear“. Yet, beyond the detailed reports and impact studies which showed a negative impact of leaving the EU (and which were, with classic Neptunian illusion, actually not commissioned until enforced by the opposition) — it remains obvious to all that a country which leaves its most local trading partners to imagine (fantasize) trading with new partners many thousands of miles away, returns to its politics of suffering, of hardship, and of course, a final and very jingoistic “we can do it because we are British“.

Finally, if we look at the transiting Uranus placement at 1° Taurus, we note first of all that this is an ingress and Uranus tends (historically speaking) to pull no punches at this kind of juncture.

In 1935, American mid-western states were engulfed in the Dust-Bowl, a subject I have addressed elsewhere. The trauma experienced in that era was to do with personal possessions (Taurus, 2nd House), sustenance, and economic catastrophe. I am not suggesting for an instant that this Uranus signature predicts such an outcome here. Merely that prudence and learning from history might actually be of use at this crucial time.

What is also worth pointing out, is that in the composite charts, the Brexit Day Uranus is quincunx (150°) to the Acts of Union Uranus. This puts friction at the center of the relationship, and this placement suggests the difficulty of finding resolution in continual arguments that seem to erupt from nowhere, or, more accurately speaking, erupt from all sides. This position suggests that neither party can find the appropriate balance between independence and collaboration — something that characterizes the entire situation in a phrase. In this case, there is a tendency to assert individual rights without according similar rights to the other party. Such a planetary configuration could lead to a breakdown of the Union itself.


I spoke of three traumas in the introduction to this article and my aim for writing this is to explore the opportunities for healing.

Clearly to crash out of the EU would be, as my grandmother would have said, to cut off your nose to spite your face. If Britain is to find a place outside the European Union, it must take into account that if this referendum was voted for by 17.4 million people (51.9%) it was also voted against by 16.1 million (48.1%) in a country of some 66 million people. A country so split is a country ungovernable. How this decision is implemented need be reflected upon and deeply, in a way that makes sense to all people. People have to be lead to a place of understanding and tolerance, not hatred, loathing and self-division.

What is also clear is that many who voted to leave voted with the EU as a convenient scapegoat for their ills. The fantasy of a new and powerful Britain is, in the end, a chimera. Britain cannot be the powerful nation it once was, isolated from its European neighbors. The past two years have shown us the need for integration in terms of trade, in terms of justice, and indeed in terms of labor. Only a nation in crisis closes its borders to its friends. The EU has various orbits or perimeters of relation to enable various degrees of collaboration. When tempers have cooled, it will be important to assess these, in terms of the interest to both Britain and Europe.

Finally, one thing that has consistently been eclipsed from the discussion, is that a fundamental role of the European project was to prevent European nations from sliding back into war. Europe has known a period of unqualified peace since WW2, and whilst the European Union is maligned by many, objective reflection must place credit for this peace where credit is due.

In the end, how this healing comes about is difficult to say.

A first and very important step must be a recognition that healing must take place. A second and very active step is in cleaning up social media which allow the publication in all impunity of so much hatred and violence towards others. The Uranian web has itself, in the expression of so much individual anger, contributed to an empoisoned social environment. A third step is looking hard and long at the political process which is simply unable to decide on any clear outcome. Using the threat of “crashing out” as a means to pass a Deal is itself a kind of political violence, exercised by a weak Prime Minister upon an angry nation.

In my own view, this process needs time. Time to cool down. Time to work in a cross-party manner as suggested repeatedly by Guy Verhofstadt who has served as the European Parliament’s representative in the negotiations.

The astrology of this situation suggests that time could be the key. In the volatility of the moment, reflection, consideration, and respect are values which must be at the center of any solution of lasting value. Acts of fire and willful temperament will only serve to burn down the house.



I would like to mention here Mark Jones, astrologer, teacher, psychosynthesis therapist whose work and recordings on Uranus and Trauma, have inspired me to write this article. His books Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus, and the Lunar Nodes, (2012), and The Soul Speaks: the Therapeutic Potential of Astrology, (2015) inspire us to seek the transformative potential in the astrological chart. This analysis can be applied to historical situations as much as persons.

Whilst I have been inspired by Mark’s work, the chart analyses published above, remain entirely my own.


Have we been here before? Thoughts on the astrology of the Boston Tea Party

Trade wars and trade deals are not new. Nations and colonies have been negotiating over the exchange of goods since nations and colonies ever existed. Since colonies were, by nature, created by one group of people invading another for commercial gain (land, goods, natural resources), it is not without irony that certain colonies should have themselves been so vociferous in defending the rights of fair trading.


The Boston Tea Party was both a political and mercantile protest by that took place in Boston, Massachusetts on December 16, 1773. The target of this action was the Tea Act of May 1773 which enabled the British East India Company to sell tea from China in the American Colonies without paying taxes beyond those imposed by the Townshend Act. This act, opposed by the American Patriots, placed indirect taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea — all goods which had to be imported from Britain since they were not produced in the colonies. This form of revenue generation was Britain’s response to the failure of a previous Act, the Stamp Act of 1765, which was a form of direct taxation imposed upon the colonies. In the Tea Party, patriots disguised as Native Americans destroyed a shipment of tea by dumping it into the harbor, as depicted in the above period engraving.

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 09.33.33


I wish, here, to draw attention to the fact that the Tea-Part is currently experiencing its Pluto return, at 21° Capricorn. It is interesting to note that in this particular chart, there is a Grand Earth Trine, with Uranus in Taurus (fixed Earth), Saturn in Virgo (Mutable Earth) and Pluto in Capricorn, (Cardinal Earth).

It is also worth noting that America is in the process of reaching its own Pluto Return (Pluto at 27° Capricorn) in 2022/2023. More on this in another post!

Returning to the above chart, two other aspects are of note. First, the Sun squares the Nodes (Sun at 24° Sag, squares SN at 26° Pisces, and NN at 26° Virgo). South Node in Pisces refers to past lifetimes in which the individual has experienced, in the words of Steven Forrest, a hallucinatory loss of self. He says that for many individuals this will be linked to monastic or devotional practice. It is interesting with respect to the Pilgrim Fathers, who set out for Plymouth, Massachusetts and were the first permanent colony in New England (1620). Of the 102 colonists, 35 were members of the English Separatist Church (a radical faction of Puritanism) who had earlier fled to Leiden, the Netherlands, to escape persecution at home. The North Node in Virgo, an Earth sign, is literally about grounding. These people were learning to think, to function, in more orderly and efficient ways. The skill-sets here are not associated with servitude, but on the contrary that more sixth-house sense of skills which are of use to each other. We can see this in acts of nation-building as the colonies will soon seek independence.

It is also worth noting that in this chart, the Nodal axis is squared by the Sun. In Evolutionary Astrology, the Sun squaring the Nodes is associated with the individual being pulled into the orbit of another powerful individual. In this case, that other individual would surely be the British State? This loss of self can lead to feelings of being lost ones-self, or the feeling of a compensatory compulsion to aggrandize the ego. In the historical sense, one can already feel the building up of the identity of a nation, before the War of Independence, which began in April 1775.

Second, a Mars/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn, squaring Chiron and Jupiter in Aries. This square is powerful and if we are talking communication, it is clear that the Tea-Party was not a negotiation but a bellicose act, linked to Aries, through the rulership of Mars. Mars and Mercury are in Capricorn underlying the legal nature of a dispute over material goods and duties. Chiron invokes the sufferance of paying what was considered to be unjust taxation — taxation which would later be thrown off. Clearly the jettisoning of the Tea was an act of great political consequence. Clearly, the colonies were on their way to writing their own new story, fully embodying their Chiron in Aries. We all know what follows.

The rest is surely history…


I believe that the astrology of the Boston Tea Party offers profound insight into the karmic patterns underlying this key event in America’s history, and indeed, certain karmic wounds underlying the American identity. The astrology also reminds us that unresolved karma returns. I do not believe it to be pure chance that trade-wars and tariffs have come back on the international political agenda, as the Tea-Party reaches its Pluto return.




Thanking wiki commons for the image of the Tea-Party
under the creative commons license.

A further vision

So let’s share this evening’s chart:


This evening we have a powerful conjunction on the South Node (Pluto/Saturn), whilst on the Nodal Axis, we have sextile South Node, Trine North Node to Neptune, Black Moon Lilith, Vesta, Mercury, and the Sun. What could this mean? In essence, a Piscean energy is sextiling the South Node in Capricorn and trining the North Node in Cancer.

As with all charts, we can read this in two ways because of the polarity of each sign, house position, and aspect.

Pisces takes us into the abandonment of ego before the infinite. This can be either the cosmic expansion and our oneness with all, OR equally, the depths of personal illusion, deception and addiction. In my own view, the chart shows us the polarities or choices.

The question with this chart is in which direction will it take you? 

Will Pisces allow us to travel beyond our past structures and limitations (Saturn conjunct Pluto on the South Node), or will it simply mask the old traits by dissimilation, enabling us to feed the illusion that all was well, is well, and therefore will continue to be well?

The sextile to the South Node is the easier aspect — the “oh sure, all is fine, all is good”. The trine to the North Node is the more challenging — but will be more rewarding if we look at the expansive and the enlarging vision of what we seek rather than at what we are familiar with.

This is a great time to connect with the greater part of our vision and then root it (Saturn in Capricorn) in ACTS, in CONCRETE ENDEAVOURS, in BUILDING OUR FUTURE.

Today the School climate change movement, started by Greta Thunberg, believe that during 24 hours of climate action, more than 1 million students will have skipped school this Friday to protest governmental inaction on climate change. To me, this is the Neptunian Vision of Pisces touching our North Node destiny. It is a concrete action.

Whilst all destinies are possible, we also have choices.

The chart simply shows us what is possible, the moment that we engage with our true destiny.


If you are curious about how these planetary configurations affect your chart specifically, contact me here to see how I can help you.

Incarnate our astrology, embody the celestial: Selene meets Uranus in Taurus


A crescent Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The first Moon/Uranus conjunction since the ingress of Uranus in Taurus invites us into grounding, for feeling our way back into our bodies.

If you planted your Moon Wishes at the New Moon, you should now be able to feel them growing.

The creativity that can arise from channeling Uranus can be difficult to embody, precisely because of the rapidity with which Uranus operates. Uranus is of the Sky and moves fast. Taurus is of the Earth and moves slow.

Between the two transits this waxing crescent moon, Selene, our Moon Mother. There is no time like the present for a Moon ritual and to really feel the growing. So, what is growing? What is taking shape? In the screen shot below you can draw a line from the Earth to Uranus (top center) and you will see the Moon lying in between them.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 10.05.10

Just the other day, the story for a new kid’s book came to me as I was driving to the horses. I was motoring along and suddenly found myself reciting out loud the opening pages of the story. It arrived in a flash! How Uranian! Although I had much work to do that day, I was able to find a moment to dictate an outline of the story into my dictaphone. It took but a few minutes to record what had been delivered.

As the Moon now grows, so I listen to the recordings and begin the slower process of typing the story-line. This takes time, it is a meditative process, altogether longer. The dictaphone was a stroke of insight enabling me to capture the gift I had been offered. I was even able to add a few lines later in the morning, in the yard with the horses around me, nuzzling me and asking for part of the action. This is how I live the Moon transiting Uranus in Taurus.

Life is so amazing when we can incarnate our astrology, embody the celestial. This, for me, is what this journey is about.

Time to pause: Mercury retrograding in Pisces takes us to the Cosmic Centre

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 19.27.27


As many of you will know we now enter a period of Mercury retrograde when Mercury appears to travel in the opposite direction in the heavens. Mercury reached the 29th degree of Pisces, before beginning a return journey to 16 of Pisces, so a retrogradation of some 15 degrees. Why is this of significance?


Commonly, Mercury retrograde periods are associated with mechanical failures, errors, mistakes and so on. This, to me, seems a rather superstitious way of thinking. Anything that goes “wrong” during a Mercury retrograde is often neatly blamed on the planet. Personally, I feel that this kind of astrological fatalism is not something that does us, or astrology, any favors. Things don’t just randomly go wrong. We have to look closer.

I thank my friend, astrologer Gina Brazeal, for directing me to a webcast by Eric Francis Coppolino, who draws our attention to two very significant points. First, the fact that Mercury goes retrograde on the very last degree of the Zodiac, 29° Pisces, which is the 360th degree, before we enter 1° of Aries, so beginning a new cycle. Second, Mercury then stations conjunct Neptune at 16° of Pisces and will be conjunct Neptune for about 10 days.

The Sabian Symbol for 30° Pisces is as follows:


KEYNOTE: The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer.

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “The Great Stone Face” is used here, in an allegorical sense to show the capacity for self-transformation latent in man. This power can be developed through visualization when the emotions and the will are poured into the visualized mental image. At the highest spiritual-cosmic level this is the power used by the God-like Beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic Formula (the Word) which will start a new universe. In a biological sense, it is the power latent in all seeds — the power to produce and guide the growth of the future plant. A most fitting symbol for the last phase of the cyclic process. Within the end of the cycle, the seed of a new beginning exists in potency — unless the entire cycle has proven to be a failure.

This is the last stage of the last scene of the great ritual play of cyclic transformations. It brings to us a realization of the power of archetypes as factors conditioning life processes. Thus we could use as a final Keyword: ARCHETYPALIZATION.

If we now return to 16° Pisces, the Sabian symbol is as follows:


KEYNOTE: Reliance upon one’s inner source of inspiration or guidance.

In this last scene of the great ritual of cyclic existence, we are dealing with various aspects of the process that enables man to “confirm,” formulate and perpetuate the original creative impulse which has become self-actualized in a myriad of ways throughout the cycle, short or long as the cycle may be. This first symbol strikes the keynote of truly significant creative processes: their source is above, beyond, but also around the individual creator. The inspiration, original and individual though it may be, is given a form which is conditioned by the cultural, social and religious background of the creative person. In a sense, every genius merely records an answer to the needs of his time. The hands that write, play an instrument, or mold a plastic material are his own; the urge or drive back of the flow of inspiration has arisen in the vast collective mind of Man.

This is the first of the seventieth series of five symbols. The individual aspect of the creative process is emphasized as is the individual’s need for concentration and at least inner quiet. He must have faith in his own SUBJECTIVE STRENGTH.

It is as though Mercury is giving us an intuition of the process of our individuation. In seeing the Great Stone Face, the child so gains an inkling of his or her inherent greatness and this vision becomes a guide for future life and growth.  The Sabian Symbol invokes the power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer. The Channel Abraham always reminds us to hold in our vision a “Better feeling place“. This could also be the Great Stone Face of our capacity for latent transformation. 

In creative work, it is often helpful to prime our subconscious before we carry out a creative task. By familiarizing ourselves with the terrain, a text, an idea, we prepare ourselves for the creative act. By taking us to this point of visualization, it is as though Mercury is priming us for integration of a cosmic download to come as the sun passes into Aries at the Equinox. Mercury, remember, is the divine messenger.

Where does Mercury take us in his retrogradation? Back to degree 16°. Here we are asked to have reliance upon one’s inner source of inspiration or guidance. I don’t think the message could be clearer. And this, is, of course, taking place conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces.

We are being asked to open ourselves to the great Cosmic Spirit, to feel connected with the greater picture, the boundless, infinite domain of Neptune himself. Neptune can, of course, be associated with illusion and indeed addiction in his negative pole, but if we follow his positive pole, we are being guided to the creation of a point of self-observation (self-awareness) outside of the ego. This weakens the barrier that separates the conscious from the unconscious and develops what may be called our awareness of the Divine.

I would like to propose that rather than focus our Mercury retrograde on why the toaster might seem to be malfunctioning (!!!), we step back into a more Cosmic realm, and understand the deep beauty and depth of the message and the greatness of the gift which Mercury now brings. See our potential for greatness at the cusp of Aries, and then step back with Mercury to rejoice in our awareness of the Divine. Is this not the most beautiful lesson, as Uranus steps into Taurus?

Blessings on your Mercury Retrograde. If you enjoyed this article and would like to know more about how this affects your own chart, you are most welcome to get in touch to see how I can help you.

May the energies of the season be with you, strengthen you and deepen your connection to the Divine.



My thanks to Pixie for the visual inspiration from Orkney, Scotland,
as the inspiration for the digital art.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 19.27.27

New Moon thoughts as Uranus enters Taurus


New Moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune

And so here we are, after a long wait, the New Moon will take place at 15° of Pisces. She conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, whilst Uranus completes his ingress and enters Taurus for the next 7 years. Powerful aspects and transitions. Uranus also weakly squares the Nodal Axis. As if this was not enough, we also have Pluto on the South Node at 25° of Capricorn, opposing the North Node at 25° of Cancer. Finally, Mercury is conjunct Chiron on the Aries cusp, sextile to the South Node and trine to the North Node.


Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 19.05.49


Let us look at four stories in this chart:

Let us begin with the Moon. She is conjunct the Sun and conjunct Neptune at 16° of Pisces. This aspect offers us a very Cosmic New Moon with the potential to connect us to great vision. Following her transit of Capricorn, then Aquarius, finally she reaches the mutable waters of Pisces. Here the Moon’s connection with both creativity and sensitivity can flower, like a mysterious song flowing out over the waters. Ruled by Neptune, she can, of course, operate on the axis of illusion. But when we take care to ground ourselves in some kind of physical activity (of whatever sort), we can ground this mysterious psychic sensitivity and it will flow. My suggestion is to use our Moon Ceremony to connect with the most Cosmic dimension possible for each of us at this time. In terms of manifestation work, I would ask for clarity on the changes to come rather than specific outcomes. Make good the clarity and allow the universe to unfold what she has in store for us. Divine guidance in divine timing.

Second, we have Uranus entering Taurus. Whilst this may have the allure of a shake, rattle and roll moment, what actually unfolds in my view depends upon what we have been building.

If you have been building golf courses in the desert, you might expect to get either washed out in a freak storm or, perhaps more likely, a crushing drought. If your shipping company has no vessels in port, you may have to take the train. The only thing about Uranus that is predictable is his profound lack of predictability. But there are very definitely gifts to be received here.

It isn’t about up-ending financial stability or earthquakes, though these can happen, more about freeing us of our routines and our closed visions. Uranus is profoundly revolutionary and the question we might ask of the New Moon in our Moon ceremonies is where in my life right now can I put on my genius hat and see further than I could before? This is the Uranian question.

What are the opportunities for this transit? Obviously, with Taurus ruled by Venus and in the second house of personal resources, we might expect changes in finances, in business, in our living situations, as well as changes in our values and desires. This over-simplifies greatly, of course. Here, I simply want to focus on a few key aspects to guide us in our Moon Ceremonies. We have seven years to explore the Uranus in Taurus transit, and one thing we can be sure of, is that this is likely to be profound.

Third, lets look at Chiron and Mercury. This conjunction speaks of healing stories and certainly recalls the conjunction when Chiron entered Aries for the first time in 2018. In this aspect, the Mercurial side of working on our healing path through talking, writing, sharing, analyzing, (astrology!!!) will help us on our Nodal Axis journey (see below). I wrote at length about the astrology of Chiron’s two entries into Aries in a previous post, and I refer you to this to enter into more detail on this subject. My feeling is that the Nodal relationship here anchors Chiron into healing at a Karmic level. These aspects seem to me to hold a very positive dimension indeed for our healing paths.

Fourth, we have the Nodal axis empowered, freed up, opened to change, by the presence of Pluto on the South Node.  This is a slow transit, not yet in full alignment, but we all should be feeling the effects. Look where there are structures in your life (Capricorn) and ask not whether they are holding up, but what kind of gift might result through their dissolution? The Nodes on the Capricorn/Cancer axis are again taking us from past life resonance in which we have been a part of (or perhaps hidden behind) institutions or structures. These could be linked with employment, marriage, homes or other legally binding situations.

Our journey is now heading to a different place, one where our security comes not from those (old) structures but from our own emotional well-being. So to ask for clarity on the 6th March 2019, given that Uranus is squaring the Nodes and Pluto continues his dance on the South Node, is to say these are times for change, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s bring it on!


May you feel in alignment with these changes,
May they serve you, may they enable you
to serve others!


PS — Friends, one thing I haven’t commented on here is the fact that the day before the New Moon Mercury goes retrograde for about three weeks, having stationed in the 29th degree of Pisces. This is of considerable significance and will be treated in a separate post to follow. Namaste! 




Image, hand-drawn over photography,
thanks to Gerald Browne.

The Great Dust Bowl. An essay on Pluto on the Nodes square Uranus in Taurus.


Great Dust Storm 1935

Great Dust Storm 1935

The Dust Bowl (1931-1939)was a series of dust storms in the central U.S. caused by a massive drought and decades of bad farming techniques. During the Dust Bowl, swirling black stormclouds (some 800 ft. high)appeared for days triggering thunder and lightning, and making the sky appear black, at times all the way to Chicago. This disaster left about 500,000 people mainly from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas homeless. Many took Route 66 to California to seek migrant farming work. One of the worst days of the Dust Bowl was April 14, 1935, a day called as, “Black Sunday.” On this day, “black blizzards” occurred throughout the dust bowl region, causing extensive damage, turning day to night, at times making it hard to see beyond five feet away.”

Taken from an American high school class hand-out, this description gives some idea of the terrible events that unfolded in 1935 in America’s mid-west. The story is both fascinating and timely because it involves a chapter on why people flooded west in the hope of enriching themselves. It involves another on the out and out exploitation of the land using high-levels of mechanization. It involves a chapter on the effect of tilling such soil and leaving it open to soil erosion at unprecedented levels. It contains a chapter on the poverty of those who lost everything and concludes with another on immigration, and how the State of California welcomed the “Okies” who fled the terrors of the Dust Bowl.

It is appropriate to turn immediately to what was happening in the skies at this time and if we look at the chart for Black Sunday, 14th April, 1935, we will not be surprised.

Astrological Chart 14 April 1935

Astrological Chart 14 April 1935 Black Sunday Storm, Oklahoma, Great Dust Bowl

Looking at a few key points to this chart gives us clues and pointers that by now should be becoming familiar. Let’s start with Pluto in Cancer. Jeff Green: “Pluto in […] Cancer demonstrates that an evolutionary cycle is closing and that a new cycle is underway. Individuals with Pluto in Cancer have been attempting and desiring to learn the evolutionary lesson of security rather than deriving emotional security from any external factor, such as parents, job, lover, etc., these individuals have been learning to create and supply their own emotional security from within themselves“. (Pluto, Volume 1, p85). All under the age of 20 in Oklahoma in 1935 would have Pluto in Cancer in their natal chart (Pluto entered the sign of Cancer in 1915).

He continues: These individuals can alternate by seeking out places and people whom they unconsciously expect to fulfill their displaced emotional needs in a childlike way, or they can seek out environments and others whom they can dominate and control in order to have their unresolved emotional issues fulfilled… (Pluto, Volume 1. p89).

The Polarity point is Capricorn. The evolutionary intent is one of self-determination, learning how to accept responsibility for one’s actions leading to emotional maturity, learning how to walk upon one’s own two feet, and learning how to integrate or establish one’s own personal authority or individuality in the context of society or culture. These lessons can, and must, occur through the individual’s work or career. (Pluto, Volume 1. p94).

When the storm struck, The Sun was square Pluto, who himself was conjunct the South Node in Cancer. In this, the dreams of all those families (emotions, past, a lost sense of home) who moved out West to better themselves, as Green puts it, by “seeking out places […] they unconsciously expect to fulfill their displaced emotional needs”. Neither is it surprising to find Saturn in Pisces (finding structure in the sea ruled by Neptune, dreams, illusions) in exact square to Chiron in Gemini (reality check, what is this place?).

The second keynote to this chart is that Uranus is in the first degree of Taurus. You may now understand why I choose to write about the American Dust Bowl at this present time.

For we forget.

Uranus, who rules Aquarius (Fixed Air), is here represented by those winds that took up the freshly plowed earth (Taurus, fixed Earth, now not so fixed) and scattered it over the States of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas, leaving half a million homeless in the process. Uranus also squares the Nodal Axis.

We can see the pattern very clearly here, and it is extraordinary to me that the present US administration would dare to take the US out of the Paris Climate Accords, having such a powerful example of man-made climate disaster in its own recent history.

Poverty through the Great Depression led many to migrate to seek better conditions. The scenes of horsedrawn wagons racing ahead to find the “best land” as shown in historian Simon Schama’s extraordinary documentary “The American Future: Episode 1 – American Plenty” dramatically underscores the pulling power of the Eldorado of the Oregon Way, that drew so many took to seek riches that would prove not only illusory but lead them to their ruin. The profligate and reckless damage done to the lands by so uprooting grasses whose roots bound the soils so preventing erosion was, in the end, to uproot so many dreams.

Many of those who did not lose their lives in the storms would migrate further West and set up in California. Whilst some would go on to make their fortunes in those fertile lands, the shadow of lack of water remains ever present. Lake Mead, which was created by the Hoover Dam project is currently 141 feet below the full pool hight of 1229 feet.  The dam was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated on September 30, 1935, by President Roosevelt. Its construction was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers and cost over one hundred lives. Yet even today, despite such sacrifice and ingenuity, much of the Eastern US is either abnormally dry or experiencing varying levels of drought.

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The astrology here reminds us how powerful Pluto is in the evolution of our combined destinies. The only thing fated in this chart is the series of events that would, in the end, push a society over the edge, to ignore all prudence.  John Wesley Powell, who wrote “The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons” about the Geographic Expedition of 1869 repeatedly stated that the Colorado River was not strong enough in its own right to support mass development (irrigation) of the Colorado basin.

When John Wesley Powell talked about this at an irrigation summit in Los Angeles in 1893, he was apparently booed off-stage. William Ellsworth Smythe, 1861-1922, and author of The Conquest of Arid America is recorded as saying the following “When Uncle Sam puts his hand to a task, we know it will be done… When he stretches his hand towards the desert and says ‘Let there be water’ we know that the stream will obey his command“. There is an arrogance to this which I find quite extraordinary.


The astrology simply asks us for greater awareness. We are all on an evolutionary path and Pluto outlines to each of us the great contours of that journey. Each generation has its lessons to learn. My own generation, Pluto in Virgo, is in a process of waking up to what we have created (Pluto in Leo) and it is our Virgoan principles that are asking us to step up and become more self-aware, more critical of ourselves and of the world we have built. This is, of course, the journey that will continue in Libra, as we reach out into our communities, understanding that we are on a joint adventure and that the well-being of our societies is a collective thing in which we must all take part, for and with each other, not me before you. This might be one interpretation of the Uranian shadow, the temptation of extreme individuality at the expense of the collective.

In no way do I seek to criticize those who sought wealth and betterment of fortune in the arid Mid-West. They had their evolutionary lessons to learn in confronting the wilderness they unwittingly helped to create. If criticism is due, it must be directed to those who now seek to ignore — or perhaps worse, actively refute — the lessons of history. We have more records of the past than we rightly know what to do with. And we have all the astrology we need to shine its penetrating light upon those events. This is part of our opening. It is my hope that this brief article contributes in its own small way, to our collective awakening.

As a post scriptum, I highly recommend viewing “The American Future: Episode 1: American Plenty” by Simon Schama. You can find it on Amazon prime for a few dollars. His work is of the highest quality, his insight breathtaking. The film is worth the price of the archive footage alone. I thank him for his witnessing.

Photo: This file was provided to Wikimedia Commons by the National Archives and Records Administration as part of a cooperation project. The National Archives and Records Administration provides images depicting American and global history which are public domain or licensed under a free license.,_%22Dust_Storm_Near_Beaver,_Oklahoma%22_-_NARA_-_195354.tif