Moon Calendars 2019


I wanted to post a few words as we go into the New Moon on the 6th March which is a hugely important moment as Uranus also ingresses Taurus on this day. I’ll be commenting more on this momentous subject in time for this event.

I would also like to add a word to remind you that when you join the Shamanic Healing Circle’s Inner Circle, in addition to your regular Distance Reiki Healings which I send to each member on each of the Cosmic and Earth Festivals of the Sacred Year, all members receive complimentary copies of our entire e-book collection and our “Working with the Moon” Guide which contains our Full Moon and New Moon Calendars. These are offered each year as an almanac to accompany your own Moon-work and have been very well received by readers over the years.

I created the Shamanic Healing Circle because I knew that we have need of dynamic spaces of support which are articulate, and which bring meaning to our lives as we tune in each day more and more to the divine energy at the cosmic and at the terrestrial levels. If you haven’t already joined us you can jump in here. Newsletters are free and joining our Inner Circle costs only £12.50/month.



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