A few thoughts on Brexit as Pluto conjuncts the South Node

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The power is rising. Pluto at 22° of Capricorn conjunct Venus at 25° Capricorn, on the South Node of the Moon. What are we to make of this?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (now at 17° of Cap), now slowly catching up with Pluto. Saturn, as we know, is to do with time, limitations, structure, government. It is what is unchanging, or slowly changing. Venus represents our values. This conjunction on the South Node is about a dissolution (Pluto) of our Values (Venus) that have been formed in the past (South Node). Capricorn is the sign of Cardinal Earth, so solid yes, but not so solid that it can’t, in the end, give way to new structures. There is an element of new beginnings here.

If we look at what is happening in the UK, we see a Government that is incapable of making any choices about the future relationship with Europe. They call it “kicking the can down the road” something the present Government has done very successfully for two years since the 2016 referendum. At the present time, the UK should leave Europe on the 29th March, and the “meaningful vote” is the 12th of March. If it is not once more canceled at the last minute.

Let us be clear. Chaos will reign if the UK slips out of Europe with no deal signed. Some think this will be simple and straight forward. Of course. Easy to say. With businesses relocating, Honda closing a factory, and indeed, now British Steel facing over a million euros of extra carbon credits. In the absence of a Brexit deal, British Steel must buy around 6 million tons of carbon on the open market, at a cost of around €110 million by March 15, according to Bloomberg.

The value system (what it means to be independent, what it means to “take back control”, what it means to be British) which comes from the past (South Node) is at this time deeply questioned.

We have the choice to move towards a more inclusive society, a more caring society, a society in which money (represented by Taurus which Venus rules) plays a less central role.

We can evolve. We can move towards this North Node destination in Cancer, or, we can follow the old ways. But our friend Pluto is saying that these old values have to change. We have to let go of them in order to evolve. We cannot keep the old system, which is clearly not working (look at the poverty and homelessness in the UK, the world’s 6th richest nation). So, what will happen?

I don’t see the astrology as a harbinger of catastrophe. The astrology shows us what can happen when we don’t change. When we don’t allow the old values to pass as we create newer ones based on our times and upon our evolving sense of self. We can hang on. But the lessons of Pluto are in that sense often fairly hard. You don’t mess with Pluto, who generally has the last word. A double warning is also coming in the form of Uranus in Taurus (Fixed Earth). Things are going to move, and this does mean possessions, materials, money, and resources. So with Pluto gradually reaching up to the South Node, there is a very good reason to take note.

The UK might pause, although its leader seems determined for a 29th March exit of the EU, come hell or high-water. And she may get just that. Or she might pause and listen to what a majority of experts and advisors are saying. She might listen to reason. Clearly, Britain is not ready for this step. We are going to climb down and do things differently. Pragmatism over impetuosity. In the end, we shall see soon enough.

For me, its clear from the skies that this is a time for caution, for prudence. To allow things to evolve gradually rather than precipitating an earthquake which Uranus will be only too happy to offer, should we be willing.

The astrology is here not to moralize or take sides. It is here to help us find the most prudent path for the many, not the few, as we negotiate this rendezvous with Pluto on the South Node.

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