Healing Circle New Moon Update

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 15.17.54

This New Moon in Capricorn is going to take us into the Eclipse season — lots is going in the heavens right now.

If we jump ahead, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in 14 days will be in Leo on January 31st, and then two weeks later on February 15th, there will be a partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. 

In today’s newsletter, I focus specifically on this powerful New Moon and offer my reflections. As you will see from my illustration for the “line-up” in the Sign of Capricorn that will accompany the New Moon, we have Venus at 28°, Pluto at 19°, Mercury at 8° and then Saturn at 2°. Capricorn is a full house! As many of you will know this period has been characterised by the ingression of Saturn (currently at 2° Capricorn), after two and a half years in Sagittarius.

So why is this important? For my full post join the Healing Circle mailing list to receive my New Moon updates and my 8 yearly newsletters dedicated to the great Celebrations of the Celtic Year. Our next celebration is at Imbolc on the 1st February, following the Lunar Eclipse, and then The Spring Equinox on the 21st/22nd March.

You can join the Healing Circle by visiting this link on our webpage. The mailing list is free and offers you guidance to working with the seasons throughout the year.







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