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This quote from Karen Curry, a specialist in Human Design, really strikes me today.

In my own journey, I spent many years trying to find my own path and for most of my life, I was clearly thinking about this from the personal point of view of my own soul. 

If we follow what Caroline Myss explains in “Why don’t people heal“, the development of self and self-identity was one of the key features of the Piscean Age. She mentions the Italian Renaissance as a key point in the history of individuality and it is clear that at this time, many artists began to sign their own works in their own names, rather than with the name of their School or Atelier. Whilst movements and schools in art are inherent to the history of art, the rise of the individual, transcending the movement, has been in some senses the endpoint of the journey. This is true to some extent in all fields of human endeavour in which collective genius was replaced by individual genius.

As a New Paradigm heralds in the Age of Aquarius, we are no longer moving into the extremities of “selfhood” for the sake of the “self”, but “selfhood” for the sake of the Earth.

The Earth is our collective home and the work, as Karen Curry points out, is to step up and support this greater collective evolution. In fact, it is the very excesses of individualism and of the outsize ego that are no longer supporting the whole.

This doesn’t mean denying or belittling self. On the contrary, it means moving into “self” to be able to fulfil one’s deeper role but at the collective level. This is doubtless why so many people have been called to the healing arts, for example, as the collective “human body” begins to heal itself.

Whilst our own individuation has been seen in more personal terms over the past half-century, Aquarius, the collective, is now calling for a greater implication on behalf of the Earth, our home-ship. If taking care of home-ship Earth has been on the cards for some time, we are now moving into a new level where individuals, collectives, cities, even certain corporations, are taking the initiative to move on a higher level. This, after all, is a journey for us all. Many of us can see that we are one. We now have to step up to our own evolution so that the Earth can evolve too.


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