Healing or not healing



Today I went to see the herd of ten horses that I had been looking after over the vacation. I had worked with one in particular, the lovely Lightening, and several things had come up involving both nutrition and the Five Elements. 

Today, I could see that Lightening simply didn’t want any physical contact at all. No grooming. No affection. And no kinesiology. He looked quite interior and was unreachable. Having driven 20 miles out into the Somerset countryside to visit him, I could feel a quandry forming. I decided to sit on the wooden pallet in the middle of the school and I pondered on what I should do next. 

I said to myself that whilst I had come here to see him, he clearly didn’t want “seeing” and as such, he was asking me to respect his space. I therefore told him that I would fully respect his space and his desire not to work today. At this point, he lay down about 15m from me.  I added however that if he would like some Distance Reiki, I would be happy to share.

I then closed my eyes and tuned into him. In my inner vision, he came right up to me and licked my hand. He said some Reiki would be lovely. So, I sent him some Distance Reiki, there and then. When I finished, I opened my eyes. As I opened them, he rolled onto his back and began giving himself the most glorious back scratch, with his feet kicking the air in joy. I hadn’t seen him so energetic all morning. It was really moving.

One of the hardest lessons for a healer is to accept the way things are and to absolutely respect the will of the other who doesn’t want our healing intention. Whilst we might mean well, meaning well means at times “not doing” rather than “doing”, “not healing” rather than “healing”.

I realised that Lightening was offering me an opportunity to overcome my healer’s ego. In showing me that he did not want physical contact today, he desired above all his space respected. He asked me clearly to put my healer’s desires to one side and put his feelings first. By accepting his desires, rather than my own, we connected in a different way, a beautiful way and one he was happy with. Seeing him rolling on his back at the end of the Distance Reiki was beautiful. 

This takes me deeper into the intention of the healer. We go into healing because we want to make a difference at some level. So it can seem counterintuitive when a healing doesn’t happen. Stepping back and allowing “what is” can be a manifestation of a greater wisdom. I love the way the horses teach us once we leave our egos outside. Today, I received such a Masterclass in horse-wisdom. Accepted with gratitude, thank you Lightening



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