Astro-vibes 30.12.2017


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As part of my daily practice, I find myself just sitting with the chart and meditating on the planetary archetypes. Here I want to draw attention to a couple of features of today’ chart that impress me.

First of all, we can see Jupiter squaring the moons Nodes. This is resonating deeply with my own natal chart and brings up several questions — how do I reflect upon outside authority and my individual evolution? How do I successfully respond and negotiate the power of others? We are always influenced by the limits of the state, our employers and so on. We have to find a way to negotiate this — otherwise, we end up in headlong confrontation and any headlong confrontation with big power we will often lose. I think this square asks us to go deeper and understand how we react, and perhaps why we react to power structures and how we can develop positive strategies so that we respect ourselves, but also the context in which we find ourselves.

The Moon in Gemini, Quincunx with Saturn, brings me to reflect on the extent to which our passion and emotions can be successfully communicated — for example in our business endeavours. How can we connect with our emotions in a powerful way to support our business? How can we use our emotions to communicate our goals. Saturn in Capricorn is about building and this is an Earth energy. Gemini (Air) can swirl around and in the end become a will-o-the-wisp. So this time suggests bringing some stability and grounding to our emotional centre.

Powerful trines between Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio with Uranus in Pisces suggest two things — the power (Jupiter conjunct Mars) inherent in our dreams and imagination amplified — but in counterpoint the dangers of being swallowed up or drowned by it all (Neptune in Pisces). Scorpio is depth but also trust. It can be edgy too (polarity point of Taurean grounded energy). In this case, the water signs Pisces and Scorpio are working together so we can go deep — as long as we know how to swim.

These are personal reflections and points for meditation as I end the year. This weekend feels nice for connecting with the emotions for what we are preparing in 2018 and creating space for things to grow. Yes, they can grow like pyramids, but they need a broad base. For me this is Saturn in Capricorn.