A vision from the Nation of Horses at Samhain

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An image of two trees, the Oak and the Holly. The trees are bowed, branches meeting like two hands, fingers intertwined.

Walking into the centre of a cleared space, you will find a Tipi. Around the Tipi will graze the Nation of Horses and with the horses is a tribe of men, women and children. It is here that we shall connect with you. The place is called the Place of Peace. And the gate is called The Forest Gate. When you enter The Forest Gate you will come to the Place of Peace.

Crow is sitting upon the Tipi. Crow announces that there is something buried beneath a tree. Yours to find it. It is a gift of the Earth, a Treasure.

You shall dig beneath the Tree and you shall find there a small ball, wrapped in a ceremonial cloth. You shall sit around it, open it, discovering a map and a bright light. The map will reveal to you the sacred geometry and the vibrational nature of things. The bright light flows in and out and offers healing.

You sit with the map and with the floating light. Time shall fly like the Crow and now the Moon shines overhead in the forest. Horses and humans, creatures of the night, shining map, ceremonial cloth. All are together. We allow this to unfold gently and beautifully before your inner eyes.

We offer you this vision at Samhain.

We send our blessings to all.
We are the Nation of Horses.