Healing Circle Full Moon in Taurus


As we celebrate Samhain today, the Healing Circle prepares for a distance Reiki Healing on Saturday 4th November, 21h -22h. To receive Reiki at our Healing Ceremony please visit our join up page.

This healing will be carried out at the Full Moon in Taurus, a time in which we can ground our energy in the Earth, as the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio encourage us to trust.

As we hear of one media revelation after another, the passage of Jupiter into Scorpio has been a powerful reminder of how power can corrupt. Whilst these revelations will slowly bring us closer to a fairer society, it is also important that we are still able to trust. A society where none can trust and where suspicion rules is a sad place indeed. The energetic work that we can do is to combine vigilance with a renewed belief in our better selves — and the capacity of societies to support our better selves. Energetically we can ask for lucid trust.

By lucid trust, I mean honouring the importance of trust as the foundation of communal living, and that we each renew our inner consecration to be our best possible selves. This is something that we each can do, and the more of us who will light a candle for this in the shrine of their own hearts, the greater the deeper inner light will shine in each of us. Our ceremony on Saturday will be consecrated to the growth of this inner light.


We are offering yearly subscriptions at a special Samhain price of £90 (instead of £150), until Saturday 4th November. Yearly subscriptions bring you distance Reiki healing eight times in the year, along with our unique e-books, and information from our insightful and handcrafted newsletters. If you would like to take advantage of this special offer, please use the link below which is active until midnight on the 4th November. All subscriptions go to support the work of the Healing Circle, in bringing inspirational writing, and Reiki Healing. We have been creating a small wave of light in the world since Midwinter 2015 and your generous support is gratefully acknowledged.




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