Co-creation with Venus and Mars


This screenshot from Scope gives you a good idea of what was going on as Venus and Mars were conjunct at 18 of Virgo on the 5th of October. As Eugenia Krok from the New Paradigm Astrology Dream-Team explained in a talk about this conjunction, Venus (what we love) meeting Mars (desire) offers us a powerful time for co-creation and manifestation. Meeting conditions and the Divine Timing, these two planets come together in such a beautiful way to enable us to co-create. The more I reflect, the more I realise how universe offers us these amazing windows of opportunity — things flow and we can move almost effortlessly in a spirit of creation.

Another point she raises is the fact that when we know what we love, we can finally act upon it, and this is a key as our activities in this era are indeed becoming focused on love (4th Chakra) rather than need (1st chakra).

In previous times — and by this, I mean most of the time for most of us, including the past two thousand years which is known as the Piscean age — we have been brought up to put our primary energy into what will support us (need) as opposed to what we actually love.

We see this around us when people are actually doing what they truly love, following their passion and are acting in full alignment with their soul-paths. This makes a huge difference but takes courage too. We all know what the voice of logic has told us. Yet how many of us have really stepped up to the plate and done what we absolutely adore doing? We love it. We are good at it. And it is taking us in strides forwards in that deeper sense of being. This is also where Venus meets Mars.

As I write, one week has now elapsed, Saturn now squares Mars and the gateway has been gently closed. The past weeks in my own corner of the world have been filled with frenetic activity, business concluded today, as a large design project went to press. These are indeed the openings and the closings of the universal dance.

Tonight in silent celebration, I walked alone along the lanes around Edington and decided to visit my neighbour, a lovely brown horse who lives in a field west of my home. She trotted over and we communed in the dusk. Bats flew above us. Calls of Spirit of Owl in the night, too. It was a moment bathed in peace. Even as Saturn squares Mars, there can be peace.

Work has been done, creation achieved. And this blends with rest, in peaceful and soulful night.



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