Thoughts on an Aries Full Moon



Thinking about the past week, I’ve seen a lot of Aries around the place! We all know that there is, indeed, lots to do right now. This is traditionally a time after the summer vacations are over and things have to peak before the end of the year… September and October can be full on. The harvest is busy, for sure.

The tragedy inherent in an Aries moon is a sudden precipitation into the “I must get this done” and a letting go of what might be called the Divine Timing — meaning, that we are not going to allow things to grow naturally. Desire doesn’t, however, have to find its match in impatience. Leaping headlong into the fray is very often a sure way of… staying right there, in the fray!

Part of the issue is not being able to live with things that are unfinished. It can become unbearable for some of us to not just have it all, right here, right now! Yet this is can lead to trouble, to real trouble, because the I, me, mine is not only taking control, it is also charging ahead at full steam. Get in my way, and BEWARE!

The intelligence of nature is that Aries finds it’s polarity point in Libra and vice versa. And this should give us more than food for thought. There are times we have to charge. Escaping an angry dog is not going to be helped by a Libran reflection on whether I take a left or a right, or maybe hide behind a tree. Either we attack or we run. It is instinctive and here Aries is on cue! But in delicate human situations, that ol’ RAM is not going anywhere fast! This is where those curly horns can get stuck in the bushes.

As we recover from bursts of ram-like potential, the New Moon to come will be in Libra on the 19h October, and we can move inward and listen a little more to our inner dialogues, to the ebb and flow that is part of each of us.

Life with the Moon is indeed so cyclical and it is in the flow that we really grow. Life without Aries would lack some kind of piquant. Happily, Libra is there to open channels of exchange and of flow.



One thought on “Thoughts on an Aries Full Moon

  1. Peter, I am a Libra with an Aries moon- born during a total eclipse of the full moon LOL… I always feel like this time of the month is closer to my REAL Birthday than the actual Roman Calendar date LOL. Thank you for sharing this!!


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