Healing Circle Full Moon in Taurus


As we celebrate Samhain today, the Healing Circle prepares for a distance Reiki Healing on Saturday 4th November, 21h -22h. To receive Reiki at our Healing Ceremony please visit our join up page.

This healing will be carried out at the Full Moon in Taurus, a time in which we can ground our energy in the Earth, as the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio encourage us to trust.

As we hear of one media revelation after another, the passage of Jupiter into Scorpio has been a powerful reminder of how power can corrupt. Whilst these revelations will slowly bring us closer to a fairer society, it is also important that we are still able to trust. A society where none can trust and where suspicion rules is a sad place indeed. The energetic work that we can do is to combine vigilance with a renewed belief in our better selves — and the capacity of societies to support our better selves. Energetically we can ask for lucid trust.

By lucid trust, I mean honouring the importance of trust as the foundation of communal living, and that we each renew our inner consecration to be our best possible selves. This is something that we each can do, and the more of us who will light a candle for this in the shrine of their own hearts, the greater the deeper inner light will shine in each of us. Our ceremony on Saturday will be consecrated to the growth of this inner light.


We are offering yearly subscriptions at a special Samhain price of £90 (instead of £150), until Saturday 4th November. Yearly subscriptions bring you distance Reiki healing eight times in the year, along with our unique e-books, and information from our insightful and handcrafted newsletters. If you would like to take advantage of this special offer, please use the link below which is active until midnight on the 4th November. All subscriptions go to support the work of the Healing Circle, in bringing inspirational writing, and Reiki Healing. We have been creating a small wave of light in the world since Midwinter 2015 and your generous support is gratefully acknowledged.




A fire ceremony for the New Moon in Libra




A wet and windy day, storms racing in from the South West this weekend. New Moon in Libra. This is a powerful time, as Moon and Sun are in opposition to Uranus, God of surprises. We can use this time to step forward on our journeys of desire to the places we feel called to wander. We are all nomads on our earthly paths, and it is fitting to support ourselves as we carry out our soul work. Bringing up our kids as best we can, offering support and aid to those in need, enlightening the world with insight, and giving gratitude for this amazing journey. I know well that at times it is far from easy. But this is truly what each of us came here for.

Blessings upon our paths, dear friends!
May we all be well

New Moon at 26° Libra

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 11.19.11

As we enter the New Moon in Libra, it continues to be a powerful time in the skies with Chiron opposing Mars, Uranus opposing the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. And all the while, Chiron in Pisces and Mars in Virgo are squared by Saturn in Sagittarius.  A huge amount of collective healing is taking place as wounds are opened and we all know, deep down, that the only answers are to be found in love and forgiveness. These are amongst the themes developed by Kaypacha in his latest Pele Report.

Listen to Kaypacha’s vision and repeat his Mantra:
I surrender to love though super scared,
and open my heart to you.
inviting the healing and transformation,
that only loving can do.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is as follows:
An airplane sails, high in the clear sky.
“This picture symbolises the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level. Through the use of his or her mind, backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations and the cooperation of others, the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom in a supernal reign of being”.

As Jupiter moves through Scorpio, followed by the Sun, we also have to learn to trust anew. Before we can trust others, we have to learn to trust ourselves and this is our deepest work for the season.

Yes, no question, it is a tough time and yet, we humans have such amazing capacities, we have to dig deep to rise above this and find those bluer skies of which the Sabian Symbol speaks with such clarity.



Looking ahead

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 17.48.06

The present time is characterised both by challenge and by rapid change. I wish to share some reflections here on an article by psychotherapist and astrologer Mark Jones who has shared his powerful observations concerning the planetary nodes. For those unfamiliar with the planetary nodes, they are the two points where the orbit of a planet crosses the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the imaginary circle running around the sun on which the earth moves and upon which the Zodiac is projected. I have made a drawing based on the illustration in Mark’s article. Although the nodes do not represent a physical object such as a planet or asteroid, they are important as they incarnate the entire energy of the planet with respect to our past and future selves.

Looking Ahead
Currently, Pluto is transiting Capricorn. The transit began in 2008 and will be completed by 2024 when Pluto will move into Aquarius. I have already explored some reflections on this transit in a recent post for The Tipi: Pluto in Capricorn. My previous article specifically concerned the planet, Pluto. Here, we now look at the planetary nodes to further and deepen our understanding.

Currently, Pluto is transiting Capricorn. By 2018, it will complete a long on/off conjunction with the south node of Jupiter and begin to conjoin its own south node — an event that we have seen, through the discovery chart, that Pluto is sensitive to. Pluto will stay within a 1° orb of this conjunction to its own south node in 2019, by which time it will also enter into a conjunction with Saturn’s south node. This whole series of nodal conjunctions coincides with the start of a new synodic cycle of Pluto and Saturn at their conjunction in 2020. 

In his article, Mark Jones gives his view on how these events are relevant in the collective life of contemporary civilization. He thus writes (citations in italics):

Our collective psychological process (Pluto) involves a profound re-examination of our collective vision (Jupiter’s south node), our deepest attachments to power and security (Pluto’s south node), and the way we structure our society and civilization as a whole (Saturn’s south node). The fact that this occurs at the start of a new Saturn–Pluto cycle in January 2020 suggests that we will be dealing with the implications of this encounter with our collective past and its assumptions for decades to come.

We can see that environmental issues (deforestation, pollution of the oceans, chemical dumping), alongside the depletion of oil and gas reserves (the fuel of civilization), will transcend political positioning as they become bottom-line material realities. We can also see that the fundamental model of civilization, with its emphasis on the dominance of mankind, will be called into question as we are challenged to explore more deeply what it means to be human and live on the Earth.

The north nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Cancer: We are being asked to adopt a more feminine mode of consciousness in which we envision the Earth as a living home where the human family can find its right position. 

Cancer energy is in tune with our emotions and in this sense, we will explore ways to combine rational logic with our emotional sensitivity. This is a moment where left-brain and right brain are going to discover how to work together, rather than compete for primacy. The importance of our intuition will be raised and enhanced. Not necessarily on a psychic level though I believe that this is part of it too — we simply have to become more in touch with our inner selves, something that is happening the world over, day by day, as people connect with feeling as much as logic.

Not only do people connect more with feeling, they see that logic devoid of feeling is not working, is not enhancing our lives, neither in society nor with regard to our environment. Much of this is obvious to our kids. The governing classes are however taking time to catch up. Catch up they will. Elephants could be extinct in our lifetimes according to recent reports. Do we honestly have to wait before closing the ivory trade? Our intuition is generally spot on in cases like this. We are yet to translate intuition into acts.

That the north node of Uranus is in Gemini shows how much inspiration can be found just by bringing this to our conscious awareness, studying it, and talking with our friends and communities about it, in order to overcome the south node of Uranus in Sagittarius shadow of fundamentalism — to share the realization that there are many faces of truth as it expresses through the multitude of peoples on Earth.

Whilst Gemini has a tendency towards “knowledge without direction” in its negative pole, the positive pole is to see and experience a multiplicity of new practices and modalities of thinking which are being created. Effectively, the knowledge of the old systems of belief (Sagittarius) is being fragmented and it is Gemini which is eager to open up the terrain and give us information on this New Earth that is being born.

Imposition of the old knowledge systems has not only lead to repression but to bolstering powerful classes who control thought in their own interest. The intimate relationship between power and knowledge has been explored in detail through the works of French philosopher and historian Michel Foucault. The creation of the web (Aquarius) which enables blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogger), video platforms (you-tube, Vimeo), enables many other knowledges to be explored and shared. The monolith of accepted knowledge has fragmented as micro-knowledges and practices flourish in this new intellectual landscape.

Neptune’s north node is in Leo, and every one of us is being asked what the nature of our creativity will bring to the collective table. Do we just take from life? Are we simply neutral and passive observers? Or can we find our most profound and beautiful healing vision (north node of Neptune) and create (Leo) our lives from that place?

Connecting with our deep creativity is now a fundamental question. The neo-liberal capitalist system in which people are kept in jobs to repay bank-loans flourishes because we are only beginning to understand that we can live simpler more abundant lives with less.
• Our ideas on the role of the collectivity are changing.
• We have already used our ingenuity to create sustainable and renewable energy sources.
• Traditional medicine can be supplemented with Energy Medicine
• The Law of Seven Generations is once more on the table!
Combining these approaches with behavioural changes (for example lower energy use) we will be able to reduce our footprint on the earth and develop sustainable practices which make us partners rather than exploiters.

I continue to think one of the best visual explorations of this is the film Avatar which shows the clash between a rancid neo-capitalist culture with spiritual knowledge and deep intuition about the living earth. We also see this in films by Myazaki such as Princess Mononoke. It is not by chance that films like these are being made and are highly successful. To create such change we also need to embody stories of change. The multiplicity of channels, both text and video, are opening us to new voices, multiple voices and in that sense, the future to come is not at all dystopian. Yes, there are vast challenges. And we humans incarnate vast potential.

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Co-creation with Venus and Mars


This screenshot from Scope gives you a good idea of what was going on as Venus and Mars were conjunct at 18 of Virgo on the 5th of October. As Eugenia Krok from the New Paradigm Astrology Dream-Team explained in a talk about this conjunction, Venus (what we love) meeting Mars (desire) offers us a powerful time for co-creation and manifestation. Meeting conditions and the Divine Timing, these two planets come together in such a beautiful way to enable us to co-create. The more I reflect, the more I realise how universe offers us these amazing windows of opportunity — things flow and we can move almost effortlessly in a spirit of creation.

Another point she raises is the fact that when we know what we love, we can finally act upon it, and this is a key as our activities in this era are indeed becoming focused on love (4th Chakra) rather than need (1st chakra).

In previous times — and by this, I mean most of the time for most of us, including the past two thousand years which is known as the Piscean age — we have been brought up to put our primary energy into what will support us (need) as opposed to what we actually love.

We see this around us when people are actually doing what they truly love, following their passion and are acting in full alignment with their soul-paths. This makes a huge difference but takes courage too. We all know what the voice of logic has told us. Yet how many of us have really stepped up to the plate and done what we absolutely adore doing? We love it. We are good at it. And it is taking us in strides forwards in that deeper sense of being. This is also where Venus meets Mars.

As I write, one week has now elapsed, Saturn now squares Mars and the gateway has been gently closed. The past weeks in my own corner of the world have been filled with frenetic activity, business concluded today, as a large design project went to press. These are indeed the openings and the closings of the universal dance.

Tonight in silent celebration, I walked alone along the lanes around Edington and decided to visit my neighbour, a lovely brown horse who lives in a field west of my home. She trotted over and we communed in the dusk. Bats flew above us. Calls of Spirit of Owl in the night, too. It was a moment bathed in peace. Even as Saturn squares Mars, there can be peace.

Work has been done, creation achieved. And this blends with rest, in peaceful and soulful night.



Thoughts on an Aries Full Moon



Thinking about the past week, I’ve seen a lot of Aries around the place! We all know that there is, indeed, lots to do right now. This is traditionally a time after the summer vacations are over and things have to peak before the end of the year… September and October can be full on. The harvest is busy, for sure.

The tragedy inherent in an Aries moon is a sudden precipitation into the “I must get this done” and a letting go of what might be called the Divine Timing — meaning, that we are not going to allow things to grow naturally. Desire doesn’t, however, have to find its match in impatience. Leaping headlong into the fray is very often a sure way of… staying right there, in the fray!

Part of the issue is not being able to live with things that are unfinished. It can become unbearable for some of us to not just have it all, right here, right now! Yet this is can lead to trouble, to real trouble, because the I, me, mine is not only taking control, it is also charging ahead at full steam. Get in my way, and BEWARE!

The intelligence of nature is that Aries finds it’s polarity point in Libra and vice versa. And this should give us more than food for thought. There are times we have to charge. Escaping an angry dog is not going to be helped by a Libran reflection on whether I take a left or a right, or maybe hide behind a tree. Either we attack or we run. It is instinctive and here Aries is on cue! But in delicate human situations, that ol’ RAM is not going anywhere fast! This is where those curly horns can get stuck in the bushes.

As we recover from bursts of ram-like potential, the New Moon to come will be in Libra on the 19h October, and we can move inward and listen a little more to our inner dialogues, to the ebb and flow that is part of each of us.

Life with the Moon is indeed so cyclical and it is in the flow that we really grow. Life without Aries would lack some kind of piquant. Happily, Libra is there to open channels of exchange and of flow.



Fire ceremony — Full Moon 12° of Aries


An old woman hears the stars talking to her at night.

Soul gifts from the morning of the world now turning into treasures untold. A quality of being, a presence, an aura which fills the world. You are the microcosm here and now for so many worlds. There is wonder and awe, discovery and an odd echo of fate. All of this has happened before; nothing is new. A twilight state. The repeated awakenings, and yet still dreaming on. Majestic vistas. So much to conceive. All exists inside. Yet in the secrecy of the heart, no clues are offered. All remains bare and stark.


The wind blows white sheets hung on a line to dry.

The spark of being endures. There are cycles within cycles of inexplicable events, strange happenings, blown contexts. Yet your fiery molten core only comes back stronger. The rage-to-be, coming up against every inhibiting factor that could possibly be drawn in. You have those soul qualities which thrive on crises, emergencies, huge challenges, terrible hurdles. A force which never lets up, yet conceals itself inside the commonplace. The destiny by indirection. Swept away, losing the track, and brought forth to find the track every time. The twists of fate that keep on happening and demand a form of resiliency which then becomes the doorway into wide open spaces that no longer polarize and divide.




Lots is going on at this Full Moon in Aries, 5th October 2017.

If this is quite simply a time when things need to get done — the danger is in going too fast. The I, me my impetuosity of Aries can take over and push things too hard. So balance (Aries polarity point in Libra) is going to be a thing to connect with right now.

From the Inside Degrees, I focus on two ideas. The first is in our soul gifts turning into treasures untold. This speaks to me of all that each of us can create using the energy of this moon combined with our unique gifts. The second is that we all have those soul qualities which thrive on crises, emergencies, huge challenges, terrible hurdles.

Very often we do thrive on the chaos of this earthly existence — the art is to use these events as a motor for change and evolution — but we need to learn how to take ourselves out of the crucible as it were and rest. Life is an endless series of cycles and wisdom is to understand this art of action then rest. It is the fundamental Yin and Yang of being, the ebb and flow of life.


For Fire Ceremony, I will be focusing on what needs doing and calling in the Divine Timing. Rather than saying “I want this now” I will be asking for things to unfold at the perfect time. Most often things do (or don’t) happen for a reason — either because we are simply not ready and our impetuosity can at times get the better of us — or because our entourage is not ready either.

Focusing on that which we are doing — and at the same time adjusting our energy to the situation — is going to make for the greatest progress.

• Letting go of impatience.
• Inviting in the powerful energy of Aries Moon to help us
• Giving gratitude for all that is being achieved.

Enjoy this Full Moon! Blessings and great joy to each of us!