On our new website, you will find access to our three principal services. We offer Reiki Healing Circles, Astrology readings, and working with your Akashic Records. These are our principal services.

The Healing Circles

Healing Circles image

Healing Circles take place throughout the year. Start dates for the major Circles are at the end of January (Imbolc), Beltane (1st May), Lughnasadh (1st August) and Samhain (31st October). We hold intermediate Circles. Called the Circle between Circles, these make up the period in between the major Circles for those who wish to continue the work.

Astrology reading

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I have been reading natal charts for some years and writing detailed, illustrated reports. These look at the chart from many angles, giving you a detailed explanation of the form of the chart. In addition to specific sections on Shamanic aspects of the chart, we look at several other aspects. These include the phase of your Moon, your Pluto, and the Karmic journey through the Lunar Nodes. The chart concludes with a detailed discussion of the 12 houses.

Akashic Records

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I have been studying the Akashic Records for more than a year. Recently, I completed a certification and CPD training, with the Centre of Excellence on the subject. This has inspired me to open a service to help others with the consultation of their Records. This service builds on my previous work. I have been helping clients with past life work for some years through astrology. This adds a further dimension to my work.

For more information, please contact me through my contacts page here.

We also have a dedicated Facebook page for the Shamanic Healing Circle.